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Traffic Studies:

All elevators are built to efficiently operate and this involves having a travel pattern that best meets the needs of users. Therefore over the life of an elevator its dispatching system may need to be adjusted and monitoring is vital to ensure that the original programming is still serving the building in the most effective of ways. CBA Elevator Consultants maximizes the operation of the elevator by evaluating certain variables, such as the population of the building, peak travel times, and usage patterns, and recommending adjustments to the dispatching system that will minimize wait times.

Maintenance Evaluations:

CBA Elevator Consultants performs periodic audits of elevators and related equipment to: ensure continued high quality standards and code compliance, verify elevator contractor’s maintenance agreement obligations are met, and review general equipment conditions and life cycle. If unsatisfactory conditions are found CBA notifies buildings and suggests remedies. Where applicable, CBA Elevator Consultants shall inform the owner of negligence by the elevator Maintenance Company. Additionally, for any required work, CBA Elevator Consultants is able to determine which work is covered under contract and advise clients about current industry pricing when required work is not covered.

Maintenance Specifications:

If you are dissatisfied with your current elevator maintenance company whether it is the service level or price or just want to change elevator contractors, CBA Elevator Consultants can help you find a maintenance company that will better suit your building needs. CBA Elevator Consultants prepares a building specific maintenance specification and puts it out to bid. We then compare the prices submitted and offer you an overview with our recommendations including past experience with various elevator companies.

The benefit of dealing with CBA Consultants when making this switch is that our documents ensure that you are the one being protected in the agreement since we make the maintenance agreement as inclusive as we can. Additionally when shopping around for bids, you know that the prices elevator companies submit to us are on level ground because they are all bidding from the same specification which makes price comparison simple.

Due Diligence:

Before any decision is made people weigh their options. This thought process is present in any transaction and especially important in financial decisions which have a lasting effect. In this realm, when making a real estate purchase, a potential buyer must study all of what he is getting. Just as with a car purchase, we want to ensure that our clients’ aren’t getting lemons. Even though the cost of the elevator is relatively small to the cost of a real estate purchase, its indispensable role in the building guarantees that any defects will cause immediate outlays after any acquisition.

CBA Elevator Consultants is instrumental in assessing the state of the vertical systems associated with the purchase. CBA Elevator Consultants conducts extensive examinations of the systems to give the client a detailed overview of what they are in for. This reporting includes: a review of the current maintenance contract in place, the current code compliance of the elevators and any related costs to bring it up to code, a listing of current elevator equipment and its condition. Additionally we provide an anticipated cost of ownership for the systems by factoring in any required upgrades or replacements which may be needed within a few years of acquisition. We want to give our clients the information they need to make negotiations on a level playing field.

Feasibility Studies:

Just as changes in building traffic may trigger a need to adjust elevator travel functions, they can, along with changes in building use, also trigger a need to expand or modify the system entirely. CBA Elevator Consultants can provide advisement on the feasibility of any equipment alterations. This may include the installation of additional elevators or escalators, the relocation of units, or the removal of certain systems. We evaluate physical space, existing equipment placement and capacities, as well as current and future building needs to determine the best possible solutions.

Our recommendations include details about the scope of the work, estimated budgets, construction and implementation timeframes, as well as impact analysis on building users during and after the construction periods. This information can then be used to determine if a proposed project is first possible and if it is, the most cost effective and least obstructive way to proceed with the work. This will also allow clients to anticipate things that may come up as the work is being done and prepare accordingly.

Ride Quality Analysis:

While in motion, elevators travel through various floors of the building and as this machinery moves it also makes noise. Most noise is common and simply a sign that the elevator is in motion but sometimes there may be unusual sounds or changes in sound that indicate scraping against the side of the shaft way or other notable conditions. CBA Elevator Consultants can come in and use an accelerometer to verify ride consistency and stability.

Our results are provided in a detailed report that checks to make sure that acceleration and deceleration are controlled and regular, without sudden up or down ticks. Additionally we check to make sure that there is no sway in the shaft way which would indicate potential problems with cabling and could lead to elevator damage.

Vertical Systems Projects:

CBA Elevator Consultants is an active participant in projects that range from new construction to modernizations. We provide full service management for the length of our various projects. This is inclusive of the budgeting, planning, document preparation, bidding, and construction involved in each project. Below we will provide a detailed breakdown of what each of these entail for a project.


As time passes, an elevator ages and some of its equipment may become worn due to use, reach its useful life expectancy, or become outdated in function or operation. CBA Elevator Consultants is able to identify these various stages in the elevator equipment in the scope of performing its evaluation services. The next big discussion is what to do with this information and how to move forward with the elevator systems. Each owner will weigh the decision carefully and CBA Elevator Consultants can assist with our expert opinion.

The process of modernizing the elevator comes down to identifying the essential equipment that needs to be replaced and equipment that can be retained. From that point, CBA Elevator Consultants meets with the client to discuss budgeting and additional specific requests. Sometimes it is not necessary to update certain equipment as it can be retained but for improved performance or aesthetics additional changes can be made.

New Construction:

New Construction ranges from expanding a current system of elevators to the construction of a new building. These projects vary greatly in scope but our team is confident in its ability to assist in all of your needs. We participate in various new construction arrangements and contribute in identifying the proper system for the space. CBA Elevator Consultants surveys the structure to determine the proper dimensions required and provides layout drawings for the construction of the elevator.

Project Rescue:

Don’t feel trapped when a project takes a turn for the worse. CBA Elevator Consultants can make light of a bad situation. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the current work and determine what has stalled or caused the project to fail and work with the firm and you to engineer a solution that both gets the project on track and helps you avoid any other delays in time and additional monetary expenses.

Project Phases:

Determine the scope of the project with the client. This will help us outline the intention of the upgrade/new construction and better equip us to effectively prepare the specifications of the work. In an upgrade scenario this is where an elevation evaluation would be performed to determine the current condition of equipment and give us a listing of what could be retained.


Determine the timeframe for the work and get it approved by client. Address any client specific requests and co-ordinate a timetable for the pre-award work required to launch the project. Including deliverable deadlines and meeting schedules.

Document (Specification) Preparation:

Before selecting any contractor CBA Elevator Consultants will prepare the specification document which outlines in great detail the work to be performed and lists all of the components of the elevator and what is to be done with each of them. In this we can ask for specific parts or systems of operation to be included in the work as well as ensure that we get what we need for the building. We leave any guesswork out of the elevator company’s hands so that when the project is put out to bid everything is spelled out for the contractors. We meet with the client to discuss any specific requests and can include alternative options such as retaining certain parts or obtaining new ones in the specification.


CBA Elevator Consultants arranges the bidders list with input from the client. We select proven firms from the industry to include on our bidders list for the project while also including any special requests made by the client. We coordinate a pre-bid walkthrough, set deadlines for the submission of the bids and review the bids. The bid package includes specific request for timeframe information for the contractors.

We request this to give us an outline of how quickly the work will progress and if our project deadline (if one is required) can be met. We create an overview of the results in a comparison chart and meet with the client to discuss the results. After this initial meeting we conduct bidder interviews for any companies the client is considering to hire. Once a selection has been made we will proceed to starting the project.

Construction Management:

CBA Elevator Consultants oversees the project from inception to ensure that the work is being done in accordance to schedule, that it meets all applicable code, and that the work is being done in a proper and safe manner. Each time a request is made for payment by the elevator contractor to the client CBA Elevator Consultants will review the terms of the invoice and ensure all work has been completed as billed for and approve the payments accordingly. At the completion of the project, CBA Elevator Consultants will witness the final acceptance test and perform a final punch out to make sure that all work is properly completed on the elevator as per the specifications. Upon our final approval of the project we will issue a final close out.

Insurance Investigation:

CBA Elevator Consultants specializes in water and fire damage investigations and is ready to assist you in your next elevator or escalator loss. We have represented a range of clients from building owners to leading Insurance Companies and adjusting firms for whom we have saved money and negotiated fair claim values. From the minute CBA Elevator Consultants is called in for claim, we start working with you through every step of the loss.

Our scope for this service includes:

  • Perform a comprehensive site survey and inspection of all related elevator equipment affected by the loss
  • Prepare a R.O.M. (Rough Order of Magnitude) which provides an approximate budget estimate for complete scope of repairs needed to restore the elevator to a pre loss condition.
  • Supply a consulting budget for CBA services relating to the assignment
  • Meetings with client and/or client’s insured as many times as necessary to get results
  • Review and verify all documentation and pricing submitted by the elevator contractor
  • Verify completed repair work to ensure that work is being done to code.
  • Verify that all charges from the elevator contractor are in line with industry standards and are for work that was actually performed at the job site
  • Prepare a detailed reporting which will include a review of all equipment to ensure that it is brought back to pre-loss condition.
Expert Witness Testimony:

CBA Elevator Consultants is able to lend our expertise and act as expert witness for any elevator related lawsuits against your building. The usual process we follow in providing testimony is as follows:

  • Examine the descriptions and statements of the actions of the plaintiff during the activity which led to the incident.
  • Research the records of the Department of Buildings with respect to the elevator device in question.
  • Review the service records of the maintenance provider.
  • Review the applicable codes and local rules.
  • If necessary, visit the premises and visually observe the conditions and the device in question.
  • Evaluate the records and information to determine the possible circumstances which led to the conditions at the time of the incident.
  • Determine if the circumstances and the records support the facts of the case.
  • Prepare and submit a report which summarizes the above in support of the facts, to allow for a strategy to be prepared to prove the case.
  • Attend all required meetings to implement the above into the case preparation.