Engineering & Design

Construction Design | Detailed CAD Drawings | Construction Specifications

Construction Design:

Engineering and Design Development of a vertical transportation system design requires the analysis of many factors including, but not limited to, building usage, occupancy, size, etc. After consulting with the Owner’s representative and Architect to determine the design criteria, CBA Consultants will review and analyze anticipated traffic patterns to determine the configuration, speed, capacity and number of elevators and/or escalators required to handle the population of the building.

If required, alternative schemes will be presented for discussion. Drawings or sketches will be provided to establish space requirements for the installation of the vertical transportation systems. CBA Consultants will provide electrical, mechanical and structural requirements for the vertical transportation systems. CBA Consultants will review architects drawings to coordinate the core areas for the vertical transportation systems.

Detailed CAD Drawings:

CBA Consultants prepare accurate, detailed drawings using AutoCAD 2005. The experience and knowledge of our engineering staff is among the best in the industry. Whether you’re modernizing your existing elevators or planning for new elevators, CBA Consultants can provide expert detailed drawings.

We perform an extensive measuring survey of the existing elevator systems to determine exactly how and where equipment can be installed. We do the work up front so you don’t have to worry about problems arising during installation. Because of our expertise, we are often retained by other industry professionals for design work and preparation of layout drawings.

Construction Specifications:

Once a design has been approved, CBA Consultants will prepare construction specifications and drawings as required, to obtain competitive bids from contractors. The documents will include and adhere to all applicable codes and ADA requirements.

Every vertical transportation component is specified, including acceptable manufacturers, to eliminate extra billing and additional costs throughout the project. Construction schedules are included in the documents along with any special requirements such as adhering to the Owner’s security procedures, typical working hours, staging requirements (equipment storage), etc.