Safety Inspections | Test Witnessing | Violation Removal

Safety Inspections

CBA Consultants conduct safety inspections on all types of vertical systems including wheelchair lifts, stage lifts, passenger/freight elevators, and sidewalk elevators. We conduct testing on more than 2,000 devices a year in New York City alone. To ensure the safety of the riding public many governing bodies, including New York City, require by law elevator inspections which need to be witnessed by a licensed third party agency.

New York City requires annual no load tests (Category One) as well as load tests every five years (Category Five) to ensure that the elevators are operating in a safe and proper manner. The purpose of these inspections is to identify deficient items in the elevators that, per code, need to be rectified by the maintenance company.

Test Witnessing

Our firm acts as an independent third party witness during the inspection process and we are able to pick up and identify those items. Once listed the elevator company becomes obligated to perform the required repairs and in this manner the riding public benefits from an overall improvement in safety. In a similar fashion many private firms which have exemptions from these tests or are not under jurisdiction for testing are adopting their own internal procedures to conduct inspections.

CBA Elevator Consultants is a licensed third party witnessing agency. Our inspectors maintain QEI certification along with being licensed as New York City Inspectors. Using our own proprietary in-house software we track and document the inspection process from being awarded the work all the way up until timely filing of the documents are required by applicable code. Our impeccable record for timely filing all of our paperwork spans back into the beginning of 2011.

Violation Removal

CBA Elevator Consultants is an expert at violation removal for existing elevators. If you are receiving fines from the Department of Buildings or your locality and are unsure of how to go about removing the conditions from your elevator, we can come in and take care of the issue.

CBA Elevator Consultants would come in and review the violation, identify the problem and put in place a plan to have the issue resolved. Once the condition is no longer present we would go about filing the required paperwork to clear up the violation with the Department of Buildings.