Maintenance Management

Through our maintenance management services, we verify that the contractor’s maintenance agreement is upheld, and that safe building transportation is being sustained. CBA performs periodic audits of the elevator’s equipment and overall condition to confirm high-quality standards and code compliance. Depending on the client’s needs, our consultants are also prepared to find a maintenance company that is better-suited to service the elevator system.

CBA prepares a tailored maintenance specification and puts it out to bid. We then provide clients with an overview report that includes our recommendations, which are based on a variety of factors such as price and previous experience. Either way, the end goal of our maintenance management program is to certify that passengers experience safety and efficiency while they occupy our client’s building.

Maintenance Management Program Includes:

  • Safety Inspection
  • Ride Quality Analysis
  • Maintenance Agreement Review
  • Maintenance Quality Assessment
  • Maintenance Specifications
  • Bidding