Do You Need an Elevator Consultant in the Tri-State Area?

Do You Need an Elevator Consultant in the Tri-State Area?

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4 Reasons Your Building Needs CBA as Their Elevator Consultant

If you’re looking to install an elevator, hiring an elevator consultant like CBA Elevator Consultants is essential. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your elevator is safe, code-compliant, and properly functioning. We can also help you save money in the long run by identifying potential problems and providing solutions for the client so they can best decide how to correct them. Often, problems addressed at the beginning can be less expensive to correct with an outside contractor rather than leaving it to be corrected by an elevator contractor.

Here are four reasons why your building needs CBA Elevator Consultants by its side.

1. Provide Detailed Engineered Layout Drawings

An essential part of an elevator consultant’s job at CBA Elevator Consultants is providing detailed engineered layout drawings of elevators either being newly installed or modernized, which are produced from architectural plans or actual field conditions.

By working with the building owner, architect, and engineers, we can create a preliminary design that addresses all concerns prior to bringing on an elevator contractor. This allows the building owner to explore alternative options that can save them time and money.

We coordinate the proposed work with the building owner, architect, and/or engineer, ensuring that all the design team members have accurate elevator-related plans BEFORE the elevator contractor is hired on board.

Most elevator consulting companies do not have this engineering capability in-house, leaving that important function up to the elevator company to provide this information.

The problem with this approach is the owner or design team involved with the project may not have this information on hand at the preliminary design, causing possible design revisions and costly delays. We at CBA Elevator Consultants have engineers with over 20 years of experience who provide this particular design service to owners and most elevator contractors in the tri-state area.

2. Upgrade Old Elevator Systems / Modernizations or Conversions.

If you are considering upgrading your building’s elevators by modernizing the existing equipment, such as machines and cabs, or even upgrading the speed or capacity, you will need an elevator engineer. At CBA Elevator Consultants, we will field survey the existing shaft, machine room, pits, counterweights, cab, and sling to confirm if the existing elevator equipment can accommodate the upgrade or if any structural steel needs to be removed, replaced, or upgraded to meet the new design criteria.

What if you need a conversion? You may want to replace a hydraulic elevator with a more efficient geared or gearless system. You may want to add more floors, add a rear entrance to certain floors, or convert a service elevator to a passenger elevator. All these options have many structural and engineering concerns that must be answered.

CBA Elevator Consultants can provide engineering feasibility studies and a realistic project budget with detailed elevator engineered layouts. It’s crucial the elevator companies know the exact scope of work for the project before they are officially awarded the project. The added cost of unforeseen work is usually less expensive during the bidding process than after. This approach helps ensure the contractors are bidding apples to apples and that no unforeseen work fees are added later.

3. Compliance with Safety Codes and Regulations

Ensuring your building’s elevators meet all the necessary safety codes and regulations is a top priority. Neglecting this aspect can lead to serious legal and safety issues down the road. CBA Elevator Consultants deeply understands the latest elevator safety standards and building codes.

When you hire our team, we will thoroughly inspect your elevators and make recommendations for any required updates or modifications to ensure compliance. This proactive approach helps keep your building in line with the law and reduces the risk of accidents and liabilities. CBA Elevator Consultants will work closely with local authorities to ensure your elevators are functional and legally sound.

In the ever-evolving landscape of safety regulations, having a dedicated consultant on your side can be a game-changer, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly legal consequences.

4. Lifecycle Planning and Cost Control

Elevators are a significant long-term investment for any building, and planning for their entire lifecycle is crucial. This involves predicting maintenance, modernization, and eventual replacement needs. CBA Elevator Consultants can help you develop a comprehensive elevator maintenance and modernization plan tailored to your specific building and usage/traffic patterns.

By clearly understanding your elevator’s projected lifecycle costs, you can budget and allocate resources effectively. This planning can save you money in the long run by avoiding unexpected breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. It also ensures that your elevators remain safe and reliable, contributing to the overall value of your building.

CBA Elevator Consultants can also assist in evaluating proposals from elevator contractors, ensuring that you get the most competitive pricing and the best value for your investment. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions about when to modernize or replace elevators, balancing the need for safety, efficiency, and cost control.

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