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At CBA Elevator Consultants, we champion sustainable and compliant vertical transportation solutions, nurture innovative collaborations with clients, and enhance the flow of every structure we modify. We strive to elevate industry standards and promote the use of energy efficient practices. A holistic approach is central to this idea. Instead of just focusing on the vertical transportation system, we consider the impact our work will have on the entire flow of traffic throughout the building.

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CBA Elevator Consultants is a full service elevator and escalator consulting firm offering a wide range of professional services.

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As of January 1st, 2022, the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) mandated independent Annual Periodic Inspections to be conducted at least 90 days from a Category 1 Test. These inspections and tests ensure compliance with rigorous DOB safety standards.

CBA is an approved Test Witnessing organization, authorizing us to engage in elevator and escalator inspections. We employ licensed elevator professionals for Category 1 & 5 Test Witnessing of elevators and escalators, as well as perform Annual Periodic Inspections.