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Feasibility Studies

We evaluate the viability, practicality, and feasibility
of installing or upgrading elevators in your buildings.

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A feasibility study is a comprehensive assessment that is conducted to determine the practicality and viability of installing an elevator within a new or existing building. If necessary, CBA can also perform a Traffic Study analysis to determine the handling capacity of the vertical transportation devices.

CBA Elevator Consultants Feasibility Studies contain key components that allow stakeholders to make informed decisions about the installation of an elevator in a building. Some technical, financial, and regulatory aspects include: The buildings structural design and layout, local and federal safety codes, cost analysis, timeframe, expected traffic flow at different times of the day, ADA accessibility requirements, and so on.

CBA considers the unique needs of each building, ensuring that the vertical transportation system meets the facility’s specific requirements. The result is a vertical transportation device that not only meets, but exceeds the highest industry standards, elevating your property’s prestige, safety, and overall value.