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We provide professionally design engineered
layout drawings for your next project.

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Internal engineering expertise plays a pivotal role in any project we undertake, as it enables us to proactively pinpoint potential challenges and devise solutions that align with regulatory standards before the project is put out for bid. This strategic approach enhances the overall project efficiency and directly contributes to meeting stringent financial targets.

By ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project’s complexities, the selected elevator contractor gains insightful knowledge, enabling them to provide more precise cost estimates and effectively address any issues we highlight prior to being awarded the job. This results in better competitive bids for building owners.

CBA Elevator Consultants’ detailed design engineered layout drawings are tailored to your project’s specific requirements. We’ll survey the existing shaft, machine rooms, pits, cabs, and other equipment and design layout drawings that meet the new plans for construction projects, modernizations, or even simple modifications.

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