Preparing Elevator Lift Systems for Summer

Preparing Elevator Lift Systems for Summer

Preparing Elevator Lift Systems for Summer 1280 850 CBA Consultants

4 Ways Elevator Lift Systems Can be Impacted by Hot Weather

Summer is here in NYC, which means hot weather has arrived. For buildings that rely on elevators, it’s essential to take some time to prepare your equipment for the heat and potential power outages. Power outages in NYC are quite common when temperatures rise, with Con Edison in New York frequently putting out statements during heat waves that the demand for power can increase, causing the grid to become overwhelmed.

In this blog post, we will discuss how elevators can be impacted by hot weather and what you can do to keep them running smoothly.

1. Elevator Door Problems

As the temperature rises, elevators can be affected in several ways. The most common issue is that the elevator doors may not open as smoothly due to the expansion of metal in hot weather. This can cause delays and disruptions for businesses that rely on elevator lift systems for their operations.

2. Elevator Cab Overheats

Another potential issue is that the elevator cab may become uncomfortable if it’s not adequately ventilated. This can be a safety concern for both passengers and elevator operators. To avoid this, ensure that your elevator cab has good ventilation and, if it’s equipped with AC, works properly.

3. Disruptions in Elevator System

Hot weather can also affect the operation of the elevator itself. Since elevators rely on a system of shivs, cables, and machines to move up and down, the heat can cause these components to expand and contract. This can lead to elevator malfunctions and disruptions in service.

4. Elevator Outages

Heat waves are known to cause power outages since the demand for electricity is higher during the summer months. This can cause a reduction in voltage power needed to run your elevator system.

To avoid elevator power outages, invest in a backup power source for your elevator so that you can keep it running in the event of an outage. You can also look towards investing in a battery lowering system that activates as soon as the power goes out. The battery lowering system will power the elevator to make one trip to a nearby floor, then shut down until the power is turned back on. This allows passengers to exit the elevator safely.

Furthermore, make sure that you are prepared for any unexpected elevator outages by having a backup plan in place. This could include having another elevator on standby or making arrangements for employees to use the stairs in case of an outage.

How to Prevent Costly Downtime

To avoid these issues, it’s critical to take some time to prepare your elevator system for the summer months. Start by having your equipment inspected and evaluated by the elevator professionals at CBA Elevator Consultants. We’ll identify any potential problems and make sure that your elevator is ready for the hot weather. Also, we’ll help you identify whether your elevator motor room has proper air conditioning and ventilation to keep it cool.

Prepare Your Elevators for Summer with CBA Elevator Consultants

By preparing your elevator for summer, you can avoid disruptions and keep your building’s most crucial asset running smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!