What are Third-Party Inspections for Elevators & Escalators?

What are Third-Party Inspections for Elevators & Escalators?

What are Third-Party Inspections for Elevators & Escalators? 1280 850 CBA Consultants

5 Responsibilities of Third-Party Inspections for Elevators & Escalators

Elevators and escalators are complex mechanical devices that require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure their safe and reliable operation and may be required by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The best way to ensure your elevator or escalator operates at peak performance is to have a third-party inspection performed by an independent inspection company that is not affiliated with the manufacturer or installer of the equipment. Let’s explore the key responsibilities you can expect from a third-party inspection company:

1. Conduct Thorough Inspections

Third-party inspection companies are responsible for thoroughly inspecting elevators and escalators. They will examine the equipment’s mechanical and operational components and evaluate the safety features to ensure they function correctly.

2. Identify Deficiencies

The inspection company will identify any equipment deficiencies that may compromise the safety of building occupants. They will also offer suggestions for repairs or upgrades to remedy such deficiencies.

3. Review Documentation

To ensure proper maintenance and service of the equipment is being performed, third-party inspectors will review its maintenance and repair records. Furthermore, they will assess the installation and commissioning documentation to ensure adherence to industry standards and proper installation.

4. Provide Expert Advice

The inspection company will provide expert advice and recommendations to the building owner or property manager on how to maintain and improve the safety and reliability of the elevators and escalators. As a result, you can trust that the advice provided is unbiased, objective, and in your best interest.

5. Ensure Compliance

Third-party inspection companies are responsible for ensuring that the elevators and escalators comply with local, state, and federal safety standards and regulations. They will provide a comprehensive report detailing the inspection results and any deficiencies found.

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