140 West St – Verizon Building


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Manhattan, NY


140 West St – Verizon Building

Originally called the Barclay-Vesey Building, this structure was constructed in 1927 and served as the headquarters for the New York Telephone Company. When the original AT&T broke up, the building became the HQ for NYNEX in 1984. In the year 2000, telephone companies NYNEX and Bell Atlantic merged, renaming themselves Verizon. In 2013, Verizon sold the upper 21 floors and relocated to 1095 Avenue of the Americas. The new owners of the 21 floors will convert the area into residences.

Now considered a New York City Landmark, this skyscraper is comprised Art Deco, an architectural style from France just before WWI that uses bold designs, vibrant colors, patterns, and geometric shapes. Inside includes marble walls, inlaid bronze medallions and ceiling murals.

CBA Consultants is working with Magnum Real Estate for the New Installation of 5 hydraulic elevators and 1 wheelchair lift within the building. Services include: specifications for new installation, full elevator service maintenance contract, shop drawings review, construction administration services, and project close-out.


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