At CBA, we champion sustainable and compliant vertical transportation solutions, nurture innovative collaborations with clients, and enhance the flow of every structure we modify.

As a full-service consulting and engineering firm, we are the experts that guide clients through projects of varying complexity, providing solutions that balance safety, sustainability, and our client’s best interest.

We strive to elevate industry standards and promote the use of energy efficient practices. A holistic approach is central to this idea – Instead of just focusing on the vertical transportation system, we consider the impact our work will have on the entire flow of traffic throughout the building.

CBA nurtures collaboration, not dictation. We value the needs, wants, and opinions of clients, recognizing that they contribute vital creative insights. Ultimately, we foster an outstanding client experience. It is because of this, that our vision as consultants is to provide optimal solutions so that every single client we advise reaches new levels of success.