As a pioneering elevator & escalator consulting company, CBA Elevator Consultants is the go to firm for the vertical needs of America. Positioned primarily out of New Jersey, we provide our insider knowledge to clients in order to ensure safe, capable, compliant, and cost effective operation of all of their vertical transportation devices.

Our goal is to ensure that the highest standards of elevator service are achieved for our clients. To this end we provide a cornucopia of services designed specifically to address each building issue you may come across.

Elevators are the lifelines that carry passengers and materials to every landing of a building and for this reason their proper performance has a tremendous impact on occupants. In many buildings they don’t just serve as convenient alternative modes of transportation but become the only feasible ways to make the journey.

These systems become expensive necessities and as such we understand that given their mechanical nature these investments have to be well taken care of to maintain proper levels of operation. We strive to protect your assets by providing you with the critical information you need to make informed decisions concerning the future of your systems.