How Does an Escalator Work?

How Does an Escalator Work?

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Understanding How an Escalator Works

Escalators are essentially moving staircases that help people travel from one level to another without the need to use an elevator or climb up many stairs. They are reminiscent of conveyor belts, but there are many parts that help escalators function the way they do. If you’ve ever wondered how does an escalator work or why they’re so commonplace in large settings, read ahead to find out.

Main Parts of an Escalator

Escalators have many essential parts that allow them to function efficiently and help guide people from one floor to another. The main parts are the steps, the track system, the escalator motor, the truss, the railing, and the top and bottom platforms.

The steps are made up of individual stairs that have ridges and are painted yellow around the sides so that people don’t step too close to any moving machinery. Each individual step has two sets of wheels, one pair on top and another on the bottom.

The track system guides the steps either up or down, depending on the escalator’s direction. The escalator motor pushes the track system and other parts so that steps can move.

The truss is the metal frame of the escalator. The railing moves at the same time as the steps and helps provide people with something to hold onto when they are on an escalator.

The top and bottom platforms hold the gears that help the stairs move. The top one specifically holds the escalator motor, while the bottom is where each step returns to repeat the cycle.

How Does an Escalator Work

The escalator’s motor turns the gears, so that the steps and the railing can begin moving. The motor moves an axle and two big gears that are connected to chains throughout the escalator.

The steps remain flat throughout the entire moving process to ensure they remain in place. The wheels on the bottom of each step move along the track system, while the ones on the top move with the escalator’s chains. Once the step reaches the bottom, the ridges help it fit under the platform so it can turn over and repeat the process.

What are Escalators Used For

Escalators are typically used for any areas where large amounts of people need to move from one place to another. You’ll see escalators in shopping malls, airports, train stations, hotels, and other types of public buildings.

Escalators help guide the flow of where people go, depending on if it moves up or down. Escalators are preferable to elevators when it comes to shorter distances, such as getting from one level to another, since more people can use them at the same time. Escalators can also pose less of a fire risk since they are not in enclosed spaces.

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