How to Optimize Elevator Performance

How to Optimize Elevator Performance

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5 Best Practices to Follow for Optimal Elevator Performance

Whether your building has a single elevator shaft or an elaborate elevator layout, improving their efficiency is critical to keep your property running smoothly. In addition to safely transporting passengers between floors, optimizing elevator performance can also cut utility costs in the long run. If you’re interested in saving money and enhancing your passenger experience, here are five best practices to follow for optimal elevator performance.

1. Audit Your Equipment

In order to maximize efficiency and cut waste, an elevator should have the most up-to-date equipment. This means regularly assessing your elevator’s machinery to see where upgrades are necessary. Investing in new pieces will not only improve function but enhance the rider’s experience.

2. Conduct a Traffic Analysis

A traffic analysis is a simulation of an elevator layout that predicts how well a system of elevators will operate. In particular, the simulation analyses various data points, including average passenger waiting time and handling capacity. Building owners can utilize this information to improve efficiency and target weaknesses in their elevator layouts.

3. Invest in a Feasibility Study

A feasibility study examines the existing conditions of a building and helps determine what upgrades are viable based upon those circumstances. Additionally, a feasibility study will also take into consideration several other factors, such as peak operating hours, possible technical issues, and available resources.

4. Utilize Intelligent Tracking

Intelligent tracking involves using a submeter in order to monitor how much energy an elevator is consuming. Specifically, a submeter will measure and record the current and voltage coming through electrical lines. Using this data can help building owners see where their elevators can be more efficient, as well as how they can minimize utility costs.

5. Perform Regular Maintenance

It may seem obvious, but immediately addressing maintenance issues is paramount to keeping your elevators operating smoothly. Not only does regular maintenance uphold the safety of your elevator system, but it also prevents malfunctions from evolving into larger issues.

Modernize Your Elevators for Optimal Performance

As described above, utilizing the latest technology enhances the passenger experience, targets weaknesses in your system, and saves money on utility costs. That’s why CBA Consultants offers a modernization program designed specifically to optimize elevator performance. In addition to assessing your equipment, we’ll perform a thorough traffic analysis and feasibility study to determine the best course of action to improve your elevator system. Contact us today to learn more!